The Art & Science of Acupressure

Acupressure comes from the 5,000 year old Traditional Chinese Medicine.  It is the art of using your hands to apply pressure to certain areas of the body to stimulate natural healing properties.  It's a scientifically proven method for self-treatment for pregnancy ailments, relaxing the mother during labor and delivery and keeping her comfortable during the postpartum period.  Acupressure can be used for numerous reasons, but it commonly used to preventative wellness, stress and pain relief, to help progress labor and alleviate fatigue.  

During this course, you will learn how Traditional Chinese medicine actually works and how to apply its natural healing principles toward pregnant and postpartum mothers everywhere so they can have the best possible outcomes. 

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We are so excited to teach this course.  Please stay tuned for more information on registration for the next course offerings.  We are now approved by CAPPA to get 8 contact hours toward your next recertification!